Filament #100 Tape 4.0 Mil - 1-1/2'' x 60 yds - Clear With Strings Tape

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Our RG840CL-1-1/2x60 is a 1.5 inch x 60 yards, 4.3 Mil Clear Filament Tape - General Purpose Grade is reinforced film tape is a popular strapping solution, for its varieties in design, convenience and assurance in all sorts of applications. It has a higher tensile strength as compared to an MOPP film tape, and with a minimal elongation (of 5% with fiberglass) for rattling or vibrating containment. A PET film backing is stiffer for better handling, and provides a better abrasion resistance. Polypropylene, fiberglass reinforced strapping tape with synthetic rubber adhesive. Uni-directional fiberglass reinforced tape used for packaging, palletizing, and unitizing. Tensile strength 100#.Product Feature: Strong holding power 36mm x 55MGood aging properties Withstands extreme hot or cold temperatures High Tack Cross Reference: IPG RG300, Shurtape GS490, 3M 8934

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